Airless containers - what are they and why use them?

Airless containers - what are they and why use them?

The storage of certain preparations and cosmetic products requires that the right conditions are maintained inside the packaging and, if necessary, that the outside air is kept out. Airless packaging is used for this purpose in order to ensure the quality of the product inside the container.


Airless packaging - the importance of product quality

Some chemical products are distinguished by their low preservative content. This means that, despite their good quality, they are distinguished by a rather short shelf life. With airless packaging, it is possible to provide these products with suitable storage conditions. It turns out that a lack of access to fresh air can significantly extend the shelf life of a product.

Importantly, this property of cosmetic preparations is not only of marketing importance, but also of practical significance. Often the time between the production of a cosmetic product and delivery to the final consumer is very long. This means that the customer could receive a product that could harm them and cause certain adverse reactions. It is therefore very important that the cosmetic retains its original properties for a much longer period of time. In this way, the manufacturer can be sure that the product supplied by him will be safe for the purchaser.

What are airless packaging and how does it work?

The principle of Airless packaging is very simple and consists in restricting the access of air to the product stored inside. For this to happen, a special piston is required inside. When the pump button is pressed, the contents are vacuumed without any air from the outside. Thanks to this solution, the cosmetic:

  • moves evenly upwards and is therefore dispensed at a constant rate and in the same quantities,

  • the air inside the container is directed outwards.

The implementation of this technology optimizes the process of making the cosmetic available and also enables the product to retain its original properties for longer. Moreover, such a solution is also beneficial for the user, as the product is dispensed in an aesthetically pleasing and measurable way (which is very important for some cosmetics).

Why is it worth using Airless packaging?

The use of airless packaging has a number of benefits. One of these, extending the life of cosmetics, has already been mentioned. It is worth noting, however, that airless bottles also eliminate the risk of microorganisms penetrating from the user's hands into the packaging. As a result, the product inside remains aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, its composition and properties will not be affected by bacteria from the outside. This means that the substances contained in the product will last even longer.

However, it does not stop there. The use of a piston is also very beneficial from an economic point of view. Thanks to it, almost 100% of the cosmetic is used up in practice. Thanks to this:

  • one pack lasts longer,

  • the cost of using the cosmetic decreases,

  • the product is more ecologically friendly.

It should also not be forgotten that most Airless packaging is opaque to sunlight. This means that the cosmetic is completely protected from the effects of UV radiation.

What are the benefits of airless packaging for the company?

Airless packaging is an ingenious solution, which - thanks to its properties - also brings many advantages to the business itself. Their advantage is packaging that is completely opaque to sunlight and UV radiation. However, it must be remembered that it is also a great marketing medium, which can be used regardless of the type of cosmetic and the specifics of the business. All the most important information about the following can be included on it:

  • the composition of the product,

  • the name of the product,

  • the expiry date.

Airless packaging is available in many varied design options. Dark and intense colours are inevitably associated with products for men. Light, pastel colours, on the other hand, are primarily the domain of products for women. It is easy to place your own logo on them.

It should also not be missed that airless containers are available in various sizes. At the same time, they are handy and lightweight, yet very durable. They can be used to store a wide variety of products and this regardless of their composition or consistency.

Airless packaging - an innovation for companies

Airless packaging is an ingenious way of storing products with diverse compositions. It is a simple yet very innovative solution that is increasingly appreciated not only by the cosmetics industry, but also, for example, by the food and construction industries. Items that easily lose their properties can be stored in packaging. Examples of food products that are usually stored in such containers include whipped cream, creams and sauces.

In summary, Airless packaging is the answer to clearly defined market expectations. They are durable, aesthetically pleasing and safe for stored preparations. And that is why it is worth choosing it as an innovative way of enclosing cosmetics and many other products.