"Sisters in love" - nature and simplicity closed in Gusto cosmetics

"Sisters in love" - nature and simplicity closed in Gusto cosmetics


          A healthy and nature-friendly lifestyle as a brand’s foundation is the idea for the business started by sisters-in-law, or as they like to call themselves – sisters-in-love, Andra and Liga. Find out more about their attitude to creating natural face and body products filled mostly with love.

- What are the main ideas behind the creation of your brand?

- Gusto is a small family business creating products the best for us. We truly believe in what we do, and our dream is to make people’s life more natural, happier, more sensual with Gusto cosmetics. Our products are 100% natural, rich in the best oils, with wonderful scents, effective and luxurious sense. The brand is our heart and hand job, each product is filled with bright thoughts, created and packed by our own hands.

- Was the road to where your brand is today hard? What problems did you encounter and how did you solve them?

- Our road was slow, purposeful, supported by hard work, faith, and love. We were psychologists before, and we’ve changed our lives completely starting our business because we strongly believed in our idea. The most difficult was to make a decision and begin – after coping with this point, you are able to solve any problem on your way.

- How long did it take you to introduce your first products to the market - from formula development to first sale?

- It took about a year to start selling our products. We develop slowly, but in our special way, according to the plan we established. We don’t spend a lot of money on loud advertisements – we are confident that whoever uses our products once, will fall in love with our brand forever

- Who do you recommend your cosmetics for and why has this group become your goal?

- Our products are made for women and men of different ages (the main group is 30- 60 years old). If you are looking for products easy to understand, natural, rich in beneficial ingredients – Gusto cosmetics are for you. We are simple people, open to our customers. We love to meet our clients personally, talk to them, and be inspired to create new products.

Our unquestionable bestseller is Body oil for a golden tan – rich in MCT oil, carrot, rosehip, and sea buckthorn.

- Anything you think you could do better to avoid problems? Have you got some “golden tips” for other companies at their beginnings?

- It is crucial to believe in your idea and stick to it. Choosing to focus on what’s best for your client will make your actions worth the effort and pay off for sure.

- What are Your plans and aspirations, is there any direction you’d like to head to with your brand?

- We want to maintain our idea for natural, high-quality products and simply go on. We don’t need a big factory – our main aspiration is to follow the path we follow and keep our special approach to our customers.